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About Us

Bill Hastings

Cheyenne Technology, LLC is operated by Bill Hastings since taking ownership in December of 2017. Bill has over eighteen years of website design, development and hosting experience that translated well to Cheyenne Technology.

Our focus is effective marketing through development of compelling websites that leverage Social Media channels and support Mobile devices. We integrate our web design, web development and software development with traditional marketing and PR services to provide a comprehensive go-to-market solution. Our clients range from local Cheyenne, Wyoming organizations such as Visit Cheyenne to international companies such as Aircell,a business aviation company.

Our Name & Logo

Our logo was created by a friend who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He has never stepped foot in Cheyenne but we told him we wanted a logo representative of Cheyenne, Wyoming: Western though not an overplayed lasso or fence post. He did some research and insisted on a tipi because after all, we are named after a tribe called The Cheyenne. We were concerned about whether it would be appropriate given that Cheyenne Technology is not a Native American-run business so we consulted with Conrad Fisher, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Conrad, a super nice guy, suggested a Cheyenne Tribute area within the site to talk about the origins of the Cheyenne and the tipi. Please visit our Cheyenne Tribute page to learn more.